Equity Capital Markets (ECM)

Within our Equity Capital Markets services, we lead private and public market transactions. We have significant experience from private and public raising of capital and from listings on various market places. Our broad business experience, well functioning national and international network and efficient project management enable our clients to focus on the central parts of the deal while running their day-to-day operations.

Inom de kapitalmarknadstjänster (Equity Capital Markets, ECM) vi erbjuder bistår vi med att genomföra privata och publika transaktioner på marknaden. Vi har betydande erfarenheter från noteringar på olika marknadsplatser samt privata och publika anskaffningar. Vår mångsidiga erfarenhet, ett väl fungerande nationellt och internationellt nätverk och genom att samordna alla inblandade parter möjliggör vi för våra kunder att fokusera på det centrala i transaktionen samtidigt som de har tid till sin dagliga verksamhet.

The following services are offered within ECM:

  • IPO’s
  • Directed share issues
  • Rights issues
  • Private placements


In IPO’s and other market listings, Partner acts as financial advisor and project manager throughout the entire listing process, coordinating the actions of all parties involved. Partner performs analysis and evaluations of the business with the aim of identifying value-sensitive factors. Simultaneously, marketplace communication and due diligence processes take place. Partner Fondkommission aids in the production of a full prospectus/information memorandum, marketing and positioning of the company and the offer towards investors. After the listing, Partner assists with the after-market work.

In share issues and rights issues, Partner Fondkommission assists in establishing the terms of the offer, the pricing and advice throughout the transaction process. Partner acts as project manager, coordinating the actions of parties involved while also assisting with the establishment of necessary market documentation and arranging of the marketing effort surrounding the share issue/offer